Kitchen Design

Create the right kitchen for your event with our experts

We like a challenge.

We’ve helped some of the world’s best event specialists create top-quality kitchens in some challenging spots. From small intimate venues not designed for food production to royal woods and desert sands, our design team can find the solution your event needs.

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Marquee kitchens

Marquees are a unique challenge for kitchen design. Creating a safe, streamlined working environment in a lightweight structure takes experience and skill, which our design team has in spades.

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Within an existing building

Understanding the needs of a variety of inside spaces, even if they aren’t designed for food production, allows our design team to help innovative events of all sizes take place without a hitch.

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Large scale kitchens

If you’re going to be feeding hundreds of thousands every day at your large scale event, you need a design team which understand how catering changes at scale. With more than 20 events feeding over 400,000 meals a day under their belt, our team is just who you need.

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Challenging spaces

Our design team love nothing more than working out how to create a commercial catering operation in some of the most difficult spaces available: roofs, woods, mountains, basements and scaffolds have all been graced by PKL kitchens thanks to their expertise.

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We created a smooth system with the PKL designers that has allowed us to cater for thousands, using a small, dedicated team. We’re delighted that PKL’s attention to detail, and having the right equipment in the right place, has helped us create such a successful design.

Mike – Sporting Event

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