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We have been offering event kitchens for more than 30 years – more than 20million people have been served from our kitchens since 1988.

From local fetes and farmer’s markets to polo with Royal approval and even kitchens to feed thousands of Olympic athletes, our kitchens are designed to your needs, no matter what the size of your event or the style of menu you’re offering.

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Meet the team

Our team are experienced, open and ready to work with you to create the perfect kitchen installation. We will ask questions, suggest solutions, and help you to arrive a kitchen setup that not only serves your needs, it makes your kitchen staffs live’s easier. Meet a select few of our teams below…

Sales team

Billy, Amy and Kim

Design team

Chris, Karsten and Jack

Operations team

Lukasz, Paul and Tim


Les, Stuart and Paul


We’ve been privileged to be chosen as award winners by our peers on a number of occasions – and each one reflects the dedication and professionalism of our team..

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